Zenas Crocker, Executive Director                                                    

Judy Heller, Program Director

Meg Materne, Environmental Coordinator                                          

Heather Rockwell, Project Coordinator                                                 



Amy Costa, Ph.D., Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies
Mark Costa, Captain, Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies
Brian L. Howes, Ph.D., University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Scott W. Horsley, Horsley Witten Engineering                                           Sia Karplus, Sciencewares                                                                       Theresa Barbo, The Mitchell Jones Agency                                               Olivia Miller, OHMWorks, Inc.

Affiliated Organizations

Barnstable County Cooperative Extension Service

Cape Cod Commission

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Massachusetts Audubon Society

Massachusetts Coastal Zone Management

Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MA DEP)

Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies

The Town of Barnstable (Department of Natural Resources, Public Works, Recreation, Shellfish)

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth School of Marine Science and Technology (SMAST)

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution