What We Do

Three Bays Preservation, Inc., initiates a comprehensive menu of science, conservation and policy study programs, and we have been doing this since 1996. Our work takes us beneath the water, above it, and on land, allowing for a thorough, year-round study of the watershed that encompasses West, North and Cotuit Bays and related ecosystems and its 12, 458 acres.


We understand what it means to be guardians of this special embayment. There’s no other place on earth like it. The Three Bays Watershed is itself part of the larger Nantucket Sound ecosystem which measures about 500 square miles. In turn, the waters of Nantucket Sound flow into the larger Nantucket Shelf Region – about 5,000 square miles – that includes Vineyard Sound, Nantucket Sound, Nantucket Shoals, the Great South Channel, the continental shelf south of Martha’s Vineyard, and all the way out to Georges Bank. 


In other words, each ecosystem, no matter how large or small, is intimately and ecologically connected to one another. 

We appreciate your support of our programs, but want you to know that without your continued support we will be unable to complete our mission.
— Michael Egan, President